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--- Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg ---- (90 Softgel caps) --- Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg ---- (90 Softgel caps) R159.00
Multivitamin & Anti-Oxidants (30 Vegicaps) Multivitamin & Anti-Oxidants (30 Vegicaps) R89.00
-------- L-Lysine 1000 mg ------- (60 Tablets) -------- L-Lysine 1000 mg ------- (60 Tablets) R79.00
------ Vitamin C 1000mg ------ (60 Tablets) ------ Vitamin C 1000mg ------ (60 Tablets) R95.00
------- Vitamin B Complex ------- (60 Vegicaps) ------- Vitamin B Complex -------       (60 Vegicaps) R99.00
------ Salmon Oil 1000mg ------ (90 Vegicaps) ------   Salmon Oil 1000mg ------  (90 Vegicaps) R125.00
Multivitamin & Anti-oxidants (180 Vegicaps) Multivitamin & Anti-oxidants (180 Vegicaps) R399.00
-------- Lecithin 1200mg --------- (90 Softgel Caps) --------  Lecithin 1200mg --------- (90 Softgel Caps) R95.00
----------- Joint Support ---------- (60 Tablets) -----------  Joint Support ---------- (60 Tablets) R109.00
---------- Inositol 500mg -------- (60 Vegicaps) ---------- Inositol 500mg -------- (60 Vegicaps) R89.00
---- Flaxseed Oil Organic 1000mg ---- (90 Vegicaps) ---- Flaxseed Oil Organic 1000mg ---- (90 Vegicaps) R108.00
-------- Fish Oil 1000mg --------- (90 Softgel caps) -------- Fish Oil 1000mg --------- (90 Softgel caps) R89.00
Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg (90 Gelatin Capsules) Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg (90 Gelatin Capsules) R125.00
--- Co-EnzymeQ10 100mg --- (30 Softgel caps) --- Co-EnzymeQ10 100mg ---  (30  Softgel caps) R109.00
---- Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg --- (30 Softgel caps) ---- Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg  ---  (30 Softgel caps) R79.00
----------- CLA 1000mg ----------- (120 Softgel caps) ----------- CLA  1000mg  -----------  (120 Softgel caps) R135.00
------------ Biotin 5mg ----------- (60 Vegicaps) ------------ Biotin 5mg ----------- (60 Vegicaps) R95.00
- Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg - (60 Vegicaps) - Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg - (60 Vegicaps) R99.00


Biolife cc was created in order to introduce into the marketplace a range of products that were quality driven as well as being affordable to a wide range of the population. The flag ship product, Biolife Multivitamin + Anti-oxidants was formulated by Ellis Henen. It is one of the few multivitamins available in a vegicap, suitable for vegetarians.

It is also believed that the Biolife Multivitamin + Anti-oxidants has more content per ingredient than most multivitamins. Currently Biolife has over twenty products available in South Africa and they are very competitively priced.

There are many multivitamins on the national and international market. What makes one better than the next? Often one hears the consumer asking if one can take just one vitamin that contains everything instead of taking half a dozen different vitamins. Obviously this would be impossible as the capsule would be so large that one would not be able to swallow it.

We believe that the formula as well as the content of the ingredients are the most important aspects of a good multivitamin. Here we are referring to how much of each vitamin or mineral is actually present in the capsule, and how many ingredients there are in the formulation. Often it is the amount of money provided for advertising that sells the product instead of the quality and content of the multivitamin. ALWAYS COMPARE THE CONTENT.

Biolife Multivitamin formula has been well researched to provide the most comprehensive balance between ingredients and it is believed that it has a greater variety and content than all the competitors on the national market. It is considered to be a better formulation than most international market leaders.

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